Shinkoh NANBU

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Materials & Life Sciences
Faculty of Science & Technology
Sophia University
TEL: +81(Japan)-3-3238-3475
FAX: +81(Japan)-3-3238-3361
e-mail: shinkoh.nanbu at

Academic degree: Ph. D.

1984.4-1988.3 B.Sc. in Chemistry, Keio Univ.
1988.4-1990.3 M.Sc. in Chemistry, Keio Univ.
1990.4-1992.6 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Keio Univ.

1991.4-1992.6 JSPS Fellow (Doctor-course) (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) in Keio Univ.
1992.7-2005.3 Research Associate, Computer Center in Institute for Molecular Science.
2005.4-2009.3 Associate Professor, Computing and Communications Center in Kyushu University.
2009.4-Currently Professor, Department of Materials & Life Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology in Sophia University

Academic memberships:
Member of Chemistry Society of Japan.
Member of American Chemical Society.
Member of Physics Society of Japan.